•      Special Projects  
•    CY 2013
     Construction of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) Building 
     Construction of a one-storey building at 208 sqm. training area cum simulation for hotel and restaurant management   
     specifically for Household Services, Housekeeping, and Food and Beverages Services at RMDC, Barangay Rebuken, 
     Municipality of Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao 
     Total project cost: PhP 2.8M
•    CY 2013
     Procurement of Machineries and Equipment for Automotive Servicing and Machining 
     Machineries and Equipment Procured  
           ♦    One Unit Milling Machine
           ♦    One Unit Wheel Aligner with 4 tons Post Lifte
           ♦    Two Units Wheel Balancer
     Total project cost: PhP 1.9M
•    CY 2012
     Acquisition of Milling Machine donated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 
     Total cost: PhP 628,909.00