Office of the Executive Director
The Office of the Executive Director shall be composed of the Executive Director III and his/her immediate staff. The Executive Director shall be the head of the TESDA Secretariat Proper and as such, he/she shall exercise general supervision and control over its technical and administrative personnel and financial administration. The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Regional Governor in accordance with the provisions of the ARMM Administrative Code and Civil Service Law, Rules and Regulations.
Regional Operations Division (ROD)
The Regional Operations Division shall be headed by a Division Chief subject to the qualifications set by existing laws on appointment. The ROD shall:
♦ Serve as the Secretariat to the Regional Technical Education and Skills Development Committees (RTESDCs);
♦ Provide effective planning, supervision, coordination and integration of technical education and skills
   development programs (e.g. program registration and accreditation, assessment and certification, youth
   profiling for starring careers and scholarship grants) and projects (e.g. skills trainings) and related activities;
♦ Develop and recommend TESDA programs for regional and local-level implementation within the policies set    
   by the Authority;
♦ Design and establish planning processes and methodologies to enhance the efficiency of resource allocation
   decisions within the TESD sector;
♦ Conduct researches, studies for effective and efficient planning and policy making within the sector;
♦ Monitor and analyze labor market information; and
♦ Perform such other functions as may be delegated by the Executive Director and the Board.
Finance and Administrative Division
The Office of the Executive Director shall also be assisted by the Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) headed by a Division Chief subject to the qualifications set by existing laws on appointment. The FAD shall:
♦ Monitor and control utilization of funds of all operating units;
♦ Provide technical assistance on budgetary matters to operating units;
♦ Maintain and update all books of accounts for all funds;
♦ Monitor work performances of, and study and implement areas of human resources and management  
   development for, all employees of the TESDA;
♦Coordinate procurement and storekeeping of supplies, materials and equipment and recommend disposal  
   unserviceable of tools and equipment; and
♦ Attend to the maintenance of records on deductions and their timely remittance to the proper agencies.
Provincial Offices
The Provincial Offices shall be headed by Career Executive Service Officers with the rank of a Director II. The Provincial TESDA Offices (POs) shall be under the direct control and supervision of the Executive Director. The POs shall:
♦ Serve as secretariat to Provincial Technical Education and Skills Development Committees (PTESDCs);
♦ Provide technical assistance particularly to LGUs for effective supervision, coordination, integration and  
   monitoring of TVET programs within their localities;
♦ Review and recommend TESDA programs for implementation within their localities;
♦ Coordinate programs of private schools and assessment centers;
♦ Establish network of institutions, LGUs and enterprises implementing the TVET programs; and
♦ Perform such other duties and functions as may be authorized.

The Regional Manpower and Development Center
The Regional Manpower Training Center (RMDC) shall be headed by a Center Chief or Chief TESD Specialist with salary grade 24 subject to the qualifications set by existing laws on appointment. The RMDC shall:
♦ serve as the center for excellence in the implementation of Center-based skills trainings;
♦ serve as venue for continuing development of trainers, teachers and instructors;
♦ serve as venue for skills assessments and certifications of Technical-Vocational Education and Training  
   (TVET) graduates;
♦ provide vocational trainings on specialized programs;
a. Arabic Language and Saudi/Gulf Culture
b. Automotive Servicing-National Certificate level I
c. Beauty Care National-Certificate Level II
d. Carpentry-National Certificate Level II
e. Computer Hardware Servicing-National Certificate level II
f. Consumer Electronics Servicing-National Certificate Level II
g. Dressmaking-National Certificate Level II
h. Electrical Installation and Maintenance-National Certificate Level II
i. English Language and Culture
j. Household Services-National Certificate Level II
k. Housekeeping –National certificate Level II
l. Machining-National Certificate Level II
m. Masonry-National Certificate Level II
n. Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing-National Certificate Level II
o. PV Systems Design-National Certificate Level III
p. PV Systems Installation-National Certificate Level II
q. PV Systems Servicing and Maintenance-National Certificate Level III
r. Plumbing-National Certificate Level II
s. RAC Window AC/Domestic Refrigeration-National Certificate Level I
t. Shielded Metal Arc Welding-National Certificate Level II
u. Gas Metal Arc Welding-National Certificate Level II
♦ undertake research and development to improve service delivery in the center; and
♦ organize and conduct symposia/seminars and other related activities.